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Licensure Courses (LIC)
Continuing Education Courses (CE)

A Continuing Education course does NOT replace a Licensure Course.
The course under the Education Criteria must be taken.  Each appraiser must also have the 15 Hour USPAP within the 24 months immediately preceding the date of their application.  A licensee can, however, use their Licensure Courses for the 21 hours of continuing education required for renewal.  Each appraiser must also have the 7 Hour USPAP Update to renew even if they have had the 15 Hour USPAP Update Course.
New! As of January 1, 2015  Supervisory and Trainee Appraisers are required to complete a course that, at a minimum, complies with the specifications for course content established by the AQB, which is specifically oriented to the requirements and responsibilities of Supervisory Appraisers and Trainee Appraisers. Read more...

If a student Appraiser wishes to receive credit for a course taken in Alabama, the course(s) must be approved by the Board prior to attendance.  All approved courses are listed above.

Appraiser Information
Continuing Education Option for Courses not Approved by the Board

Additional Option for Education Credit

ASC Staff Recommended Minimum Education

Continuing Education Option

Occasionally, appraisers take appraisal related courses not approved by the Board and ask to use them for continuing education credit.  Our Board will consider approving these requests for continuing education credit. 
Submit the following: 
Course content
Detailed timeline
Completion certificate
Non-refundable review fee of $35
The Education Committee will review the course information to determine if the content meets the Appraisal Foundation continuing education criteria.  If the course meets all requirements, at maximum of 7 hours credit will be granted.