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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I notify The Board of a change of address?
  Yes! An appraiser may send in writing or email to  carolyn.greene@reab.alabama.gov
How do I obtain a Letter of Good Standing from the AREAB?
  Mail a written request to the Board, with a fee of $25.00
How do I apply for a Temporary Permit in Alabama?
  Mail in a completed Temporary Permit Application along with $150.00. The applicant must be an active Appraiser in his home state. You may follow this link to our Temporary Permit Application.
How do I apply for the FHA appraiser roster?
  Visit the HUD website: http://www.hud.gov/groups/appraisers.cfm

Checklist for Becoming Licensed and/or Certified Appraiser How to Become an Appraiser

What does an AQB Compliant Mean?