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Temporary Practice Permit
A person desiring a temporary permit must meet all requirements listed on the application.
A Temporary Practice Permit enables a certified or licensed appraiser in one state to obtain a temporary permit from another state to perform an appraisal assignment in the other state.  The temporary permit is effective for one specific assignment or as listed on the client/appraiser contract or engagement letter.  The appraiser is limited to five permits within a twelve month period.  If the assignment is not completed within six months, the appraiser must request an extension.  Th property address and/or complete property information must be listed on the engagement letter/contract.  Complete the below application in full. Mail the application and it's requirements to the address listed on the application.

Temporary Permit Application
Attention Georgia Registered Appraisers:
Only Georgia Registered Appraisers are to submit an original Certified Appraiser History from the state of Georgia, along with the other requirements.
You may follow this link:  Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board.

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