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Temporary Practice Permit

A person desiring a temporary permit must meet all requirements listed on the application.
A Temporary Practice Permit enables a certified or licensed appraiser in one state to obtain a temporary permit from another state to perform an appraisal assignment in the other state.  The temporary permit is effective for one specific assignment or as listed on the client/appraiser contract or engagement letter.  The appraiser is limited to five permits within a twelve month period.  If the assignment is not completed within six months, the appraiser must request an extension.  The property address and/or complete property information must be listed on the engagement letter/contract.  Complete the below application in full. Mail the application and it's requirements to the address listed on the application.

According to the Beason Hammon Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, all applicants are now required to provide proof of citizenship. Please send a legible photocopy of your driver's license or non-driver identification with your application.  Follow this link for other forms of identification.

Temporary Permit Application
Helpful Information
Trainee Appraisers must submit an original Letter of Good Standing from his home state. Georgia Registered Appraisers are to submit an original Certified Appraiser History from the state of Georgia, along with the other requirements.  You may follow this link: Georgia Real Estate Appraisers Board

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