Individuals who have never applied for or held an Alabama license and are not licensed in another state should create an account and use the ‘Application for an Initial Appraiser License’.

Individuals who have applied or held an Alabama license in the past will already have an account in the system.

Licensees holding a Trainee license must submit the Trainee Experience Log Review application before they can apply to upgrade their license to a higher classification.

Current licenses wishing to upgrade to a higher classification must submit the Upgrade Appraiser License Application.

Individuals who hold a valid license in another state and are not residents of Alabama may either submit an application for a Temporary Permit (valid for 6 months from the date of issuance) or the application for a Reciprocal license (permanent as long as the license is renewed annually).

If there are any questions regarding which application to submit, please contact Carolyn Greene @

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